Print Battle Results

Firstly thanks to everyone for submitting their entries and also those that made the journey to Dungannon. Also a huge thank you to our hosts and the excellent judging.

1. Landscape Won by Dungannon but as the judge said both entries were of exceptionally high quality and personal choice played a part with him preferring the simplicity of the Dungannon image to ours with a slight distraction in his view due to lights in the distance. Thanks Guy for the entry.
2. Seascape another entry by Guy and again just pipped with the judge also commenting on the high standards and specifically how well Guy had captured the image without allowing the far end of the jetty to break the horizon.
3. Portrait an entry by Michael and our first win of the night with the judge who focuses a lot on mono preferring it over another top print by dungannon.
4. Sport once again Guy had another entry for us but unfortunately the judge felt the grass in the background was too light and was a distraction but again as was the theme throughout he had to look for even minor details to separate the entries.
5. Pets One more by Guy and up against a really strong image of a cocker spaniel. While both images were felt to be well composed, sharp and blurring the background to make the focal point stand out more but again another win for Dungannon.
6. Wildife John Lambe’s frog image Vs an image of a puffin with a beak full of fish which must have taken a lot of stalking and patience to get. We managed to secure our 2nd win of the night.
7. Macro again a highly contested section with my butterfly Vs an excellent image of a fly. After some high praise for both images the judge said he couldn’t call it and asked could he award a draw but pushed for a decision and he felt Dungannon just edged ti so another win for our hosts.
8. Colour 2 very different and again high quality images the judge loved the sharpness and textures in the coloured pencils entered by Mark McConnell but when pushed for a decision opted for the dungannon print simply because he felt it was something slightly more creative but again complimented the overall high quality.
9. Texture another of Johns entries and 1 which the judge did not find interesting enough from a subject matter point of view. Yes another for Dungannon.
10. Movement an entry by Michael Carbery and after commenting on the exceptional quality of both images. When the judge said he had tried to take similar shots to 1 of the entries but they were nowhere near the quality of the image in front of him I knew Michaels plane image had secured for us our 3rd win of the night.
So while it was a 7/3 win for Dungannon there were several section which were so close that the judge had to go with personal preference and another he would have given as a draw. So despite the result we left with our heads held high and after a wonderful night look forward hopefully to another next year.

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