Club Night – Light Painting

As well as our usual presentations, quest speakers and competitions we like to do as many practical sessions as we can. One of the most popular from last year was Painting With Light, so much so that we added it to this years calendar.

After a bit of discussion it was decided to use the same venue as last year – Craigavon lakes, due to its easy access. Arriving at approximately 7:30pm the group of 8 or so members made their way to the wooden pier that was used last year. A bit of a surprise for the club when we found that the pier no longer existed. This was a real same as it was a fantastic location. Undeterred we made our way to our 2nd location which was a subway under the main road. This provided fantastic images in an enclosed environment.

The next location was at the other side of the lakes, near the watersports centre. It’s a place known locally as ‘The Stepping Stones’. Again a fantastic location that produced some stunning images. 

For many attending that night it was their first time doing this type of photography but the general feedback is that it was a very enjoyable few hours.




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