New Season

Next week sees the start of our new club season and the committee have been meeting to decide the best way forward during these changed times. Following government advice and trying to predict what NIPA decide to do we have put together a program up until Christmas which will consist of practical sessions and meetings (some of which will be through the use of Zoom). Obviously if conditions change then our plans will also change as the well being of our members is paramount but hopefully the main aim of our club, to enjoy taking photographs, will still stand.

Unfortunately the Rugby Club is unavailable at this time so our first meeting (Thursday 3rd Sept at 7pm) will be held at the Building Bridges venue situated in the middle of Lurgan (next to Halifax bank ). As via government guidelines masks will need to be worn, hand sanitiser will be available for use. Registration forms will be available and collection of fees (£40) will take place before heading out to take photographs around Lurgan so bring your camera gear with you.
Looking forward to meeting up with you all next week and hopefully welcoming new members to the club.

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